Обработка от насекомых и грызунов с гарантией
Оставьте телефон и дезинфектор с опытом работы 17 лет приедет уже сегодня.
Уничтожение насекомых и грызунов в жилых и коммерческих помещениях
Мы занимаемся санитарными обработками уже 18 лет.
Вы обнаружили тараканов, клопов, крыс у себя дома? Или ищете надежную компанию для заключения договора в сфере санитарно-эпидемиологических услуг?

«Центр Санитарного Сопровождения» надежный партнер для юридических лиц. Мы располагаем полным пакетом документов для предоставления в контролирующие органы.
Мы быстро избавляем квартиры и дома от «нежелательных жильцов».
Услуги для физических лиц
We have everything you need for a comfortable stay: modern kitchen is pretty big for you and your friends, 24 hours reception, free wi-fi and PC available, free city maps, magazines, bike rent. There is a bathroom in every room, where you'll find a hairdryer and fresh towel
Услуги для физических лиц
от 2500 рублей
от 2500 рублей
Уничтожение тараканов в жилых помещениях
квартиры, комнаты, дома, места общего пользования, общежития, бытовки
Цена на услуги уничтожения тараканов зависит от площади объекта, количества мебели и вещей, запущенности конкретного случая.
Узнайте точную стоимость дезинсекции от тараканов по телефону (812) 908 91 75 или пришлите запрос на почту docs@sandoc.ru
09:00 – 10:00
09:00 – 10:00
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Backpackers Hostel provides an accommodation for every kind of demand. There are rooms for families and bunks for single travellers.
Backpackers Hostel – the best base for an adventurous city explorer
Please find out our payment conditions and choose your way to book the apartment. Methods of payment: Cash, Credit Card, Cheque via pre clearance only (with receipt required a minimum of 7 days prior to date of arrival).
Rules for living
We have some simple rules to make our guests' living comfy
At Backpackers hostel we try and keep things fun and friendly however, we are not a "party shack" and we ask all guests to be quiet in the bedroom and hall areas after 23:00hrs. We also expect all guests to be considerate and respectful to one another and to hostel staff and to comply with the hostel rules. Guests are expected to clean and return any kitchen items they use and offensive, drunken or loutish behaviour will not be tolerated and any guest acting in this manner will have their reservation cancelled and be asked to leave.
You must check in at your destination hostel(s) before 18:00 (6pm) local time. If you are unable to do this, you must contact the hostel(s) directly before 18:00 (6pm) local time to confirm a later arrival time. Failure to do this may result in your booking being cancelled.

Visa support
If you want us to help you to get visa, please fill in the online questionnaire
When you fill in the form at our website please fill in the dates of the whole period you stay in the country. In field "City" please fill-in all cities you are going ti visit. We provide tourist visa support document – voucher (also known as a tourist confirmation). For the consulate requirements these documents are called "Tourist voucher" and "Tourist confirmation document stamped and signed by authorized person". This is exactly what we will be providing to you. The price for the service 20€ per voucher.
Contact us
+09 8 965 673 342
+09 8 955 645 224
Backpackers hostel
24 Classhouse Street
Dublin W2B 9DF
Getting there
If you are getting by bus or train, you should get the Main square and go downstreet to the south. You will see an old white building with a big billboard on it. This is it!
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